Docs Needed

The following items are needed to complete your loan application:

1. 2 forms of ID: Social Security Card and Driver’s License (Passport may be used in lieu of Driver’s License)

2. Most Recent 30 days worth of paystubs or LES for military (if paid once monthly, need 1, if biweekly, need 3, if Weekly, need 5)

3. Name and Number for verification of employment with Human resources department.  Will need this for all jobs that you have had within the last 2 years

4. Disability or Social Security Benefits Award Letter (for disability will need proof of continuance of disability income) – if applicable

5. W2’s for 2016 - 2017 & 2018

6. 2016 and 2017 Tax Returns (all Pages, All Schedules)

7. If you have already filed 2018 tax returns, you can send those in lieu of sending 2017

8. 2016 & 2017 Business Tax Returns unless 2018 is already filed (all pages, all schedules)

9. Most Recent 60 days Bank Statements (All Pages, if computer generated, please make sure it references your full name and account #)

10. If your bank statement contains any deposits that are non-payroll, please provide a letter of explanation for the deposit.  Additional documentation to source the deposit may be required.

11. Most Recent Asset Documentation covering a 60 day period (IRA, 401k, Savings) all pages of statements- if applicable

12. If you are currently renting, we need the contact information for current landlord.  If you have lived in your current home for less than 2 years, we will need the contact information for your previous landlord as well.

13. Copy of Mortgage Statement for your current primary residence to show taxes and insurance included in Payment - if applicable

a. If Taxes and Insurance are not included in your payment, we will need a copy of the tax bill and homeowners insurance declarations page for your current home.

14. Divorce Decree or Child support Order  (need all pages and needs to be signed by all parties including the Judge)- if applicable

15. If we are using child support to qualify, we will need 12 months cancelled checks to prove timely receipt of the payments.

16. Bankruptcy Petition, List of Creditors and Discharge Order - if applicable

17. For co-signed debts that we are not counting against you, we will need 12 months cancelled checks from the party making the payments. - if applicable

18. VA Only – DD214 and COE, Any information pertaining to VA Disability if applicable

19. For any investment properties or second homes owned, we will need the following:

1. Mortgage Statement for each financed property to show whether or not taxes and insurance are included in your payment

2. If home taxes and insurance are not included or if the property is owned free and clear, will need insurance declaration page for the property and the most recent tax bill

3. If using rental income to qulaify, will need most recent lease for each property

After you have found your home:

20. Fully Executed Contract ( I will contact your agent to get this.  If you are not working with an agent, please send a fully executed copy with seller’s signatures to me.  We will not able to order the appraisal without the contract)

21. Copy of the cancelled earnest money Check (will need this once the check clears the bank, please print out front and back)

22. You will need homeowners insurance for your home.  Please call and begin to the process of securing this insurance.  Once you have selected a company, we will need the Name and Number of the insurance agent you would like to use for Home Owner’s Insurance

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